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    Here are some suggestions we have received from our members to help make your PRIDE organizing activity go according to plan. If you would like to share a PRIDE best practice, please email jboice@njea.org.


    – Before planning an event, ask yourself: “How is the PRIDE project a community organizing activity?” To be certain, ask yourself, “Will the PRIDE project get recognition for my local association and build positive, sustainable relationships with the targeted community and my local association?” If the answer is no, you need to rework your PRIDE project.

    – After placing an order with Renaissance Promotions, call or email a day later to ensure your order has been received.

    – When possible, do give yourself time to select a customized PRIDE promotional item so that your local association name can be printed on the item.

    – Always spell out your local association name on all materials; your logo or initials are not enough.

    – Make sure your PRIDE activities get your members involved and meet the goals of the PRIDE program.

    – When you submit a receipt for any refreshments or meals, do include the number of attendees.

    – Collect and utilize contact information at EVERY PRIDE event.


    – PRIDE funds are available to help market your association, so you do not need to give NJEA the credit for YOUR local organizing activity. Therefore, there’s no need to write, “This project was funded by an NJEA PRIDE in Public Education grant.”

    – Don’t wait until the quarterly deadline to mail in your reimbursement form since this will cause a longer turnaround time for receiving your reimbursement.

    – Don’t distribute a PRIDE promotional item without some type of flyer or material from the association to go along with the promotional item.



    I ran into a local PRIDE chair this weekend who offered this advice:

    “Each month, our PRIDE committee makes a report during the board of education’s monthly public meeting. The PRIDE committee gives an overview of recently held events and upcoming events. A calendar is distributed to everyone in attendance. This way, our events make it in the meeting minutes, and the community sees and hears about what we’re doing. Also, the meetings are broadcast on the community television channel, which gives us a little extra exposure.”



    I noticed at the Gloucester County EA’s friends of public education dinner this past Friday that each person was given an envelope at their table setting. The envelope had a sticker that read, “Thank you for your kind donation to the GCEA Scholarship Fund.” Everyone at our table put something in their envelope.

    This idea would also work on the local level also! Consider asking for donations to your own scholarship funds or other charitable causes.



    Had a nice meeting yesterday with the Morris County PRIDE team. I heard a few good practices from that this group employs, including:

    — when booking catered events for large groups, invariably the question, “what’s your budget” is asked. Morris County recommends telling the venues that your budget is $5 per person less than what it really is. Morris County has had great success with venues working within this figure, and county PRIDE events usually end up with quite a bit of savings without compromise of the quality of the events.

    — when considering gifts and prizes, ask for donations from your local businesses. Morris County regularly secures gift cards from local businesses, including restaurants (the Olive Garden), Home Depot, etc. The County PRIDE chair simply asks for the manager, explains the purpose of the event and that the beneficiaries will be public school employees, and how the business will be recognized for its effort. The County has experienced a great deal of success with this strategy.

    — when inviting the community to large-scale county events, PRIDE team members will contact (via phone, email, and in person [dropping off information]):

    PTA presidents
    Senior Centers
    Every mayor and town council member (found through one visit to the county clerk’s office)
    Police captains
    County recreation department personnel
    Members of the county superintendent’s council (by reaching out to the county superintendent), etc.




    The ABCs of PRIDE.
    By Heather Joyce, Gloucester County Special Services EA PRIDE Chairperson

    A. Always make sure an event either brings the public into the school or the school to the public. The idea behind and event is to share the successes of public education with all New Jerseyans and help to build strong community support for and involvement in our public schools.

    I have created a notebook organizing every pride event. Each event is listed according to date and event number. I made a spreadsheet to organize dates, amounts and required promo items.

    B. Be Prepared. It’s tough to run a successful event. Make it as easy as you can for your coordinators. Spell everything out for them. Provide them with a list of Do’s and Don’ts and walk them through their event in advance by giving them examples of the items you will need to collect when they are finished.

    I made up bins containing the tablecloth, sign-in sheets, pens, table signs, promo items and a notebook w/ pictures of past events.

    C. Check your work/Copy Everything. Make sure your coordinators have provided you with everything you need to submit for reimbursement. Give them a list they can check off before they return receipts, fliers, sign in sheets, etc.

    Remember…make it as simple as possible for your coordinators. They are volunteers and if it is too overwhelming, they are just not going to want do it.!
    After I tally the receipts and complete the reimbursement forms, I COPY EVERYTHING! I then staple the copies and put them behind the event in the notebook. This way I know the I turned the event in to UniServ. The last thing I do is check with the treasurer for deposits. Once I know the monies have been deposited, I consider the event closed.

    Remember…if you stay organized and help support your Coordinator, you will have a successful event.



    Attached are a set of PRIDE event instruction that one of our hard working PRIDE Chairpersons distributes to all members who host their own PRIDE events. Check these out and feel free to tailor them to your local association.

    Thanks Heather! :mrgreen:



    When making speeches at events to thank parents and tout your generous sponsorship of events, ensure that parents know that members are VOLUNTEERING their time. 🙂



    Handing out bottles of water at an event? We heard from an experienced PRIDE chair this weekend. He not only places labels on the water bottles that sport the full name of the local association, as every bottle is handed out, his members say “compliments of the __________ Education Association.” Nice! :mrgreen:



    Attached is the “PRIDE For Dummies” sheet Roseanne from Paulsboro provides to all members hosting PRIDE events.  🙂

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